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andre am Monday, July 26th, 2010

“Heisenberg” aus unserem Forum hat sich die Mühe gemacht und die Soundtracks zu den einzelnen Folgen zusammengetragen. Diesen Eintrag aus dem Forum möchte ich Euch nicht vorenthalten und an dieser Stelle “Heisenberg” ein riesiges Dankeschön und ein großes Lob aussprechen für seine fantastische Arbeit.


Episode 1: Pilot

Stonewall Jackson – Come on Home and Have Your Next Affair With Me
Carolina Slim – Dirty South Hustla
Rodrigo y Gabriela – Tamacun
The In-Crowd – Mango Walk
Working for a Nuclear Free City – Dead Fingers Talking
SDK (feat. Tori Papa) – A Gosar
Pudge – Get Low
Molotov – Apocalypsh*t
Mick Harvey – Out of Time Man

Episode 2: Cat’s in the Bag…

Clyde McPhatter – You’re Movin’ Me
Trump – Keep Ballin’
Ticklah – Nine Years
Glen Phillips – The Hole

Episode 3: …And the Bag’s in the River

Sasha Dobson – Without You

Episode 4: Cancer Man

Black Feather – Etienne de Silhouette
The Pack – Fly
Say Anything – Baby Girl, I’m A Blur
Franz Joseph Haydn – String Quartet in D Major, Op. 64, No. 5, ‘The Lark’
Darondo – Didn’t I

Episode 5: Gray Matter

Bronx River Parkway – Deixa Pra La
Bronx River Parkway – Mas y Mas
Fujiya & Miyagi – Uh
Koop – Koop Island Blues (feat. Ane Brun)

Episode 6: Crazy Handful of Nothin’

Paul Rothman – Scoobidoo Love
That Click Gang – Good Times
Max One – Te Rompo
Bernie Leadon – Suntan Lotion
Jonaty Garcia – Los Pistoleros
The Silver Seas – Catch Yer Own Train

Episode 7: A No Rough Stuff Type Deal

Hurricane Chris – The Hand Clap
10,000 Maniacs – Candy Everybody Wants
The Motels – Suddenly Last Summer
Bettine Clemen – Double Concerto in D minor, Largo Flute
Keziah Jones – Beautiful Emile
Gnarls Barkley – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul


Episode 1: Seven Thirty-Seven

J.J. Cale – Any Way the Wind Blows
Holy Fuck – They’re Going to Take My Thumbs

Episode 2: Grilled

The Walkmen – Red Moon

Episode 3: Bit by a Dead Bee

Bob James – Feel Like Making Love (made famous by Bad Company)
The Be Good Tanyas – Waiting Around to Die

Episode 4: Down

Benny Mardones – Into the Night
Spokesmen – Let Your Love Flow
Nancy Sinatra – It’s Such a Pretty World Today

Episode 5: Breakage

Johnny Ringo – Hook ‘Em Horns
Big Jack Johnson & The Oilers – By Myself
Alvin “Red” Tyler – Peanut Vendor

Episode 6: Peekaboo

John Coltrane – By the Numbers

Episode 7: Negro Y Azul

Los Cuates de Sinaloa – Negro Y Azul: The Ballad of Heisenberg
Federal Civil Defense Administration – Duck and Cover
Miguel Enriquez y Sus Torrenciales – Nariz Inquieta

Episode 8: Better Call Saul

F.Cavalos & Leo Rodriguez – El Ruso
Far East Movement – Holla Hey
APM Artist – Island Bounce
Lions – Thin Man Skank
Pat Boone – Oh Beautiful
Non-Stop Music – Star Spangled Banner
Calexico – Banderilla

Episode 9: 4 Days Out

Blue Mink – Good Morning Freedom
The Black Seeds – One by One

Episode 10: Over

Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days (re-record)
The Marshall Tucker Band – Heard It in a Love Song
Robert Palmer – Every Kinda People
Yellow Man – Zungguzungguguzungguzeng (12″Mix)
Chops – My Rims
TV On The Radio – DLZ

Episode 11: Mandala

The High Planes Drifters – Electricity in my Bones
The Platters – Enchanted

Episode 12: Phoenix

Susie Boehm – Desperate Time, Desperate Measures
The Outlaws – Green Grass & High Tides

Episode 13: ABQ

Steve Gorn – Afterglow
Chocolate Genius – Life


Episode 1: No Mas

Original Score by Dave Porter

Episode 2: Caballo Sin Nombre

America – Horse With No Name
Tight Phantomz – Black Seas at the Crib
Pat Boone – Oh Beautiful
Ambros Seelos – Morning Sun
Timber Timbre – Magic Arrow

Episode 3: I.F.T.

The Amboy Dukes – Loaded for Bear
ZZ Top – Tush

Episode 4: Green Light

Pat Boone – Battle Hymn of the Republic
U.S. Marine Band – America the Beautiful
Buddy Stuart – In The Valley of the Sun

Episode 5: Mas

Luke Walker and DJ Loki – Alpaca
Teddy Bears – Rocket Scientist
APM BES – Satin Lover A
Pedro – Timetakesthetimetimetakes

Episode 6: Sunset

Buddy Stuart – Sun Shine On Me
Vince Guaraldi – Ginza
Los Zafiros – He Venido

Episode 7: One Minute

Bader Ali Khan – Black Night

Episode 8: I See You

Left Lane Cruiser – Waynedale
Prince Fatty – Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Episode 9: Kafkaesque

Chuy Flores – Veneno
Jimmy Dunn Band – Bossa For Laura
Howard Jones – New Song
Rod Taylor – Mr. Money Man

Episode 10: Fly

Cumbre Nortena – Simplemente Amame

Episode 11: Abiquiu

Son of Dave – Shake A Bone
The American Military Band – America The Beautiful
Grupo Fantasmo – Sabado En El Parque
Stan Getz – Lee
Zoraida Beato – Tus Ojos

Episode 12: Half Measures

The Association – Windy
Red Garland – Softly Baby
Primrose Music – Waltz Trio Session

Episode 13: Full Measure

Beastie Boys – Shambala
Quartetto Cetro – Crapa Pelada
å¼µå¸ – Man Chang Fei

Wie Ihr seht gibt es leider nicht zu jedem Track einen Link, falls Ihr also noch Links parat habt oder auch andere Ergänzungen hierzu könnt Ihr das gerne mitteilen. Ich werde sie dann einfügen.

Ansonsten gibts nur zu sagen: Viel Spaß mit den Tracks; Kritik, Anregungen, etc sind gerne erwünscht ;)